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The GE course, “Ethics, Values, Law and Society” is a compulsory course for all undergraduate students under the 2017/2018 curriculum model.  It will be co-offered by the 3 faculties, FAH, FBA and FLL and consist of 3 core components.  Each core component carries one credit and will take one-third of the course duration.

  • GESB001 – Applied Ethics (offered by FBA-MMI – 1 credit)
  • GESB002 – Foundations of Moral Values (offered by FAH-PHIL – 1 credit)
  • GESB003 – Law and Society (offered by FLL – 1 credit)

Please refer to the Special Arrangement of “Ethics, Values, Law and Society” for details.

Course arrangement of “Ethics, Values, Law and Society” in 2nd semester of academic year 2016/2017

Section Schedule Venue Class Period

(First class)


(8 lectures + 1 exam)


(8 lectures + 1 exam)



(7 lectures + 1 exam)

* Make-up class will be advised by the teachers.

001 Tue/Fri 1430-1545 E3-2033 FBA FBA –

GESB001 – Applied Ethics


GESB002 – Foundations of Moral Values


GESB003 – Law and Society

Deadline for adding “Ethics, Values, Law and Society” 07/01/2017
Deadline for dropping “Ethics, Values, Law and Society” 18/01/2017
Deadline for Withdrawal from Individual 1-credit Course (GESB001/002/003) 14/02/2017 17/03/2017 25/04/2017 or the 6th lecture advised by the teacher