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The “UM Outstanding Student-Athletes Award Scheme” aims to praise student-athletes who accomplish remarkable sports achievement and to encourage them to pursue higher academic qualifications while continue to make breakthrough in their sports, so that they can become outstanding student-athletes who excel in both academic and sports.



  • To provide opportunities for outstanding athletes to study at the University of Macao (UM);
  • To raise the sports performance level of UM Sports Team;
  • To promote students’ all-around development in UM;
  • To build up UM reputation;
  • To enhance the sense of belonging among the UM community.



  1. Represented Macao SAR to compete in international / regional competitions in the past 3 years; and
  2. Receive written recommendation by National Sports Association; and
  3. Receive written recommendation by affiliated Secondary School Principal; and
  4. Meet the general entrance requirements and the specific programme entrance requirements of UM.



Scholarship is given to applicants according to their sports achievement deliberated by the “UM Outstanding Student-Athletes Award Scheme” Evaluation Committee. The Scholarship includes full waiver of tuition fees and partial or full waiver of Residential College fees while training subsidy, competition subsidy or living allowance may be additionally granted to most outstanding candidates. The continuation of this Scholarship depends on the academic, sports performance of the student-athlete, stay and meet the requirement of Residential College and the training attendance, etc during the normal duration of study.


Application Procedures

  1. All applicants must sit for the “Admission Examination” of the academic year 2018/2019 and complete the Online Application during the application period (3 January to 19 January 2018). For details, please visit the website of UM Registry at reg.umac.mo;
  2. After completing the Online Application, all applicants must submit their applications for the Scheme to the Office of Sports Affairs by email (osa.development@umac.mo) on or before 19 January 2018. The content of the email should follow the below:
    1. The title of the email should state “Application for the UM Outstanding Student-Athletes Award Scheme of academic year 2018/2019” ;
    2. Completed application form of UM Outstanding Student-Athletes Award Scheme (The application form can be downloaded in the website of Registry at reg.umac.mo), the recommendation letters from the National Sports Association and affiliated Secondary School Principal must be attached in the email.


Download “UM Outstanding Student-Athletes Award Scheme” Application Form

Download Rules of “UM Outstanding Student-Athletes Award Scheme” 

Announcement of Result

The application result of the “UM Outstanding Student-Athletes Award Scheme” will be announced in late May of 2018 along with the offer of admission. The Scholarship awardees will be notified by phone call before the written announcement of the scholarship.



Office of Sports Affairs

Website: www.umac.mo/osa

Scholarship Website: https://sports.osa.umac.mo/scholarship/

Email: osa.development@umac.mo

Tel: (853) 8822 4415

Fax: (853) 8822 2407