1. Application

1.1 How to apply for JAE?

1.2 Can I apply for exemption of JAE subjects?

1.3 Can students with disabilities apply for special examination arrangements?

1.4 If candidates only discover that there is a need to amend the personal information after the application procedure, do they need to inform every higher education institution?

1.5 For candidates who can also meet the “Direct Admission” requirement of respective higher education institution, can they also apply through JAE channel?

1.6 If candidates have joined JAE and have obtained results, can the results be retained for admission consideration of the degree programmes by the Four Institutions in the future?


2. Examination Arrangement

2.1 Who will issue candidates’ JAE Permit?

2.2 When and how will JAE Permit be issued?

2.3 Do candidates need to present all JAE Permits issued by all higher education institutions for attending JAE?

2.4 If candidates find that there are mistakes in their personal information printed on JAE Permit, what should they do?

2.5 I have only applied for one higher education institution among the Four Institutions and have been arranged to take examination at other higher education institution. Is the JAE Permit printed wrongly?

2.6 How will be the examination arrangement for supplementary paper?

2.7 What will be the arrangement for candidates who arrive late?

2.8 If there is typhoon signal or rainstorm warning signal on examination day, which higher education institution should the candidates refer to for their due action?


3. Admission and Result Announcement

3.1 Will the Four Institutions announce the JAE results simultaneously?

3.2 Can any other person access candidates’ JAE results?

3.3 How is the arrangement of confirmed offer and tuition fee payment of the Four Institutions?

3.4 Is there supplementary examination for JAE? What should candidates do if they could not attend JAE due to ad hoc circumstances?