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Academic Year 2016/2017

UM Academic Calendar
University Almanac (Semester Dates and Public Holidays & University Recesses)

The University

Governance and Organisation

Academic Dress for Graduates


Admission Regulations
PhD Programmes

Master’s Degree & Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes


Academic Regulations and Rules
Regulations of the Programmes of the University of Macau

General Rules Governing PhD Programmes

General Rules Governing Master’s Degree & Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes

General Rules Governing Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Examination Rules

Student Disciplinary Regulations of the University of Macau

Rules on Handling Student Academic Dishonesty


Undergraduate Curriculum Model & General Education Programme
Undergraduate Curriculum Model & Current General Education Programme

General Education Programme ( 2017/2018 Model)


Programmes of Study
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Business Administration

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Science and Technology

Faculty of Social Sciences

Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences


Independent Academic Units
Honours College

Residential Colleges


Student Life
Academic Support Services
Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement

Information and Communication Technology Office

University Library


Research Centres and Laboratories
Research Centres



Honorary Degrees and Titles

Arrangement of Classes or Examinations during Typhoons and Rainstorms

Guidelines for Student Conduct in the Classrooms

Acceptable Use Policy – ICTO Computing Facilities, Campus Network and Internet

Academic Computing Facility Room Rules and Guidelines

Fees and Charges for 2016/2017 Newly Admitted Students

Rules & Guidelines Governing the Use of UM Campus Card

Academic Prizes

Scholarships and Studentships

Statistics of Registered Students for the Academic Year 2015/2016

Staff List for Academic Year 2015/2016 (data as at August 2016)

Fundamental Academic Units

Independent Academic Units

Administration and Support Services